Hi, I'm Kelsey!

Dearest You,

I believe that to create our best work together, we should know what makes each other tick. I'll start!

After growing up in west Sonoma County, I moved away for about ten years to earn my BFA in Photography, travel to every contiguous state in a van with my bestie, nest in Portland, then Truckee, before landing back in Sonoma County in 2019. I found love in running food in a fast-paced Portland restaurant, nourishing customers with locally sourced fare before finding my way to food hubs. Through my years spent working with Tahoe Food Hub and FEED Cooperative , I realized my passion for food systems and local agriculture. My heart will always be part of our local food system and my previous work has informed my priorities as a photographer profoundly.

Through it all, I was always taking pictures. It's my true passion and enables me to weave everything I care about together – my love of people watching, for lifting them up and making them feel like the beautiful humans they are, for championing small businesses, for cultivating and tending community, and so much more. When I'm taking pictures, everything in my world fits together. I'm so thrilled to join the ranks as a small business owner, to document human joy for a living, and to help those around me create their visions.

I'm now very happily rooted in Santa Rosa with my husband. Day-to-day, you can find me trail running, nuzzling my dog, conspiring with our chickens, bicycling around Santa Rosa, climbing, elbow deep in a new recipe or a batch of sourdough. I continue to hone my craft in photography by taking pictures of my adventures, shooting film, taking classes, participating in workshops and trying my darndest to stay curious about this beautiful world we all get to call home.

I can't wait to hear your story.

Yours ever,

Kelsey Wiig